Wednesday, July 30, 2014

forgive n forget

Everything happened in our life come with many reasons. Sometimes we realise it but we deny and ignore it. But in the end we have to accept the fact.

Yes..everyone made mistakes in their life. And the biggest fear is when they made mistakes towards us. Mistakes that we have to forgive and forget. Most of people prefer to forgive and forget it but some just cannot.

This issue i want to relate with relationship. I am sure a lot of people being cheat by love ones,right? It is hurt. And it sucks cos you being betrayed by the one that you trust. I been through that. But how if we still have feeling to them but in same time kinda annoying when they keep in front of us ?.....

Seriously, i been thinking how did certain people can forgive after what their partner betrayed them????? ITS REALLY TAKES COURAGE FOR SOMEONE TO DO..I ADMIRED PERSON LIKE THAT.if you one of them,you should proud of yourself now.

And i came out with this point which i dont know where did it comes from..i feel like when someone you love cheat on you or can forgive n forget what they have to be very sure about your feeling first. It is you the one will decide whether you want to forgive or not..but you have to discipline yourself once you made that decision. If you willing to forgive,you gotta let yourself to forget their mistakes. Then, you will slowly forget what their faults. 

Sometimes i think that when someone can forget the past mistakes , it means they believe their partner can be better than that. And they know what true colour of their partner. Why??? Because sometimes we make mistakes not just for selfishness but things we cant escape of. From mistakes,we learn how to fix and start all over again. Thats how we find the happy ending,right? Hehe...

Seal and love,

Friday, February 7, 2014


Oh gosh gosh! This is my first post for early 2014..(obviously im not taking care of my blog) haha!

BUT, it's not the point now..what i want to share is about how i reflect my past relationship with someone (hmm..not mention the name )

It was a long time before, i was stucked in relationship where i can't let myself out of it. Each day i was so depressed and dissapointed because being CONTROL of what i want to do, think and anything in the world ( sounds wtf, right ).

Yeah, i was being control enough. Everything I want to do, I have to think about he's gonna say to me. Uh! I been through all of it. People out there, if you have the same situation like me, sure you understand.

Then, today i found this qoutes and " wink " wink", i have the point to say in my blog (hehe)

I have the thought why certain couple want to conquer their partner in everything. They started to control in what their partner do in everyday. Until at one point, they will get obsess and become more aggresive. This moment when the victim will feel insecure, fed up and so on.

I've been through that so i can understand how does it felt to whom might read this post. WHY? WHY? ...............................................................

Here, what i thought.

  • They still can't rid off their past relationship ( maybe they used to be a victim )
  • Insecure feeling to their partner ( such as dilemma whether to love sincerely or it is just temporary love feeling ) because the partner MIGHT LEAVE THEM SOON OR LATER. AN OTHER THOUGHT CAME OUT "Ohhh! How im going survive without him or her "
  • Lack of trust !!!!.. This issue most of couple might forget when they are so obsess to control their partner. They do not understand, listen and interpret what their couples try to explain when it comes to discussion. Why? because they do not let THE TRUST lead them to be rational
  • AND the most thing : They refuse to trust themselves at the FIRST PLACE. They don't want to make themselves trust what their rational mind want to. The result is that they become lack of confidence and lead to keep find their couple's mistakes ALL THE TIME.
Maybe some of my points makes you feel ( annoying ). It is just my mind want speak about. Whatever we do, please try to give space to yourself and partner to understand both freedom. I guess when you do understand both freedom, you will really try to give them limitless freedom as long as it makes them HAPPY. 

Seal and Love,
Jessica Chloe.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Unconditional again!!!

I think a year ago i posted one of my poems called " Unconditional Love ". It is about how i feel about LOVE. And  a couple days ago, I look up for songs in Youtube but then suddenly i saw this new song from Katy Perry " Unconditionally " !!!. Oh my my! She has one song that relate to my poem....Now, I am so into this touching song! Keep rewinding in my playlist whooffff!

In addition, the song reminds me to appreciate the person that we love now. In relationship, there's no such thing like fairytales love story, korean cute dramas and so on ( saya tak benci cerita love story ,okayyyy). Everyday couples will face so many difficulties in life. Mourning, sighs, weeping are COMMON..Its basically reflect on how we try to understand every problems that we have to face.

The person that we love now is the person why you want have in EVERYDAY DIARY. You always try to make them in bad or great in your days until one point you realise that they really change you alot ( but in positive way lah ). It is amazing when you are so feel so BLESSED to have them in your life. Now, when you feel that way, I am sure you will feel how lucky you are to have someone that you always love now and then.

For me, the person that we hold on is the one we are 100 % believe in. I have the person that i can always turn to. In days, of course both of us struggles to make better day for each other. After what happened in our relationship, still I look up for him. He's been a long time in my life. I couldn't change that ( :) )....( butterflies ) hehe....

I think I just stop writing now, It is enough how's special he is in my heart hehe...And to the viewers, just care the person that you love now..

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Everyday it is tough for us!

If yesterday we laugh at each other
Today we argue about some issues
Tomorrow we seek for forgiveness
And the day after tomorrow we start over again

Sometimes I think is it cycle of our love?
We hate,love and miss all the time
Sometimes its just getting annoying
But, we never want to end it.

I know it is hard to put your heart
Your heart together in our moment
I believe you keep trying
Because its worth when you're back
To fix what's broken before.

Love and Seal,
Jessica Chloe.