Wednesday, July 30, 2014

forgive n forget

Everything happened in our life come with many reasons. Sometimes we realise it but we deny and ignore it. But in the end we have to accept the fact.

Yes..everyone made mistakes in their life. And the biggest fear is when they made mistakes towards us. Mistakes that we have to forgive and forget. Most of people prefer to forgive and forget it but some just cannot.

This issue i want to relate with relationship. I am sure a lot of people being cheat by love ones,right? It is hurt. And it sucks cos you being betrayed by the one that you trust. I been through that. But how if we still have feeling to them but in same time kinda annoying when they keep in front of us ?.....

Seriously, i been thinking how did certain people can forgive after what their partner betrayed them????? ITS REALLY TAKES COURAGE FOR SOMEONE TO DO..I ADMIRED PERSON LIKE THAT.if you one of them,you should proud of yourself now.

And i came out with this point which i dont know where did it comes from..i feel like when someone you love cheat on you or can forgive n forget what they have to be very sure about your feeling first. It is you the one will decide whether you want to forgive or not..but you have to discipline yourself once you made that decision. If you willing to forgive,you gotta let yourself to forget their mistakes. Then, you will slowly forget what their faults. 

Sometimes i think that when someone can forget the past mistakes , it means they believe their partner can be better than that. And they know what true colour of their partner. Why??? Because sometimes we make mistakes not just for selfishness but things we cant escape of. From mistakes,we learn how to fix and start all over again. Thats how we find the happy ending,right? Hehe...

Seal and love,

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